TopDog Photography | Sharing Photos On Social Networks

Where to begin?

While waiting patiently for photos to upload, I took a little time to explore the site and discovered some of the different features on offer. To make matters easier for visitors I've compiled this brief guide to help people who may want to interact more or spread the word/images.

Pass It Around!

Come across a photo, or even a particular gallery, that you really like and think others might like to see it? Rather than having to save images and then upload elsewhere you can simply share it from the website through FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & email!

While looking at the thumbnails in a gallery, if you look to the top right of the screen you'll notice a Share button towards the corner (circled in the image below).



Once you click on the Share button you'll be presented with a number of options and different social ways to share the GALLERY with others. You have the option of posting to FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and emailing the link to someone.


TopDog Photography: Random &emdash;


If its just the one image you might like to share then first click on that image so it opens in a larger size. Again you'll have a Share button towards the top right (circled below) which will present you with the options available to you.



TopDog Photography: Random &emdash;


For individual gallery images you also have the addition option of sharing through Pinterest.


TopDog Photography: Random &emdash;


Tell Us Or Others Your Thoughts

Another way in which you can interract with the site is to post comments on things that catch your attention. In a similar way to the sharing of photos, you can comment on an entire Gallery, or an individual photo. The links for leaving comments are shown in the 2 images below.


TopDog Photography: Random &emdash;

TopDog Photography: Random &emdash;



Is That It?


Should you wish to, our Blog is also set up in such a way that all visitors are welcome to comment on all Blog Updates.