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For people unfamiliar with photo editing software, designing an advertisement can be a daunting thought. Bleed dimensions, resolutions, choice of font/layout/colours/spacing ... it can all be a bit too much. Does the ad turn out once in print, exactly the way you want?

This is something we can do for you. What we recommend of course, is a photo shoot first. This way we have quality photographs to work with and use, so the ad looks as good as it possibly can. We can, of course, use photos provided by you but we insist on permission from the original photographer to use their shot if its going to be published. We wouldn't like it if others used our work without permission, so we feel strongly about having full permission to use any photos not taken by ourselves.

The obvious aim of these advertisements is to get the peoples attention that read these magazines. We will work with you, using your ideas on how you want your advertisement to look and make suggestions on how best to achieve this. Once we have a plan, we will design the advertisement for you and put it up on this site for you to review (using secure log-in so no-one but yourself can see it before its approved). Once the initial draft has been reviewed we can go over any modifications or tweeks to the design that you need. We can then send the advert directly to the publisher for you, or send it to you so that you can send it on yourself.

It is impossible to quote a price for an advert as each one is different. Some take more work than others. If you are interested though, we're always happy to discuss things so don't be afraid to get in touch.
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